Unum's commitment to privacy
Unum is committed to protecting the confidentiality of any personal information you provide. Please read the following Internet Privacy Policy which explains how we endeavor to build your trust and security through our Web policies.

This Internet Privacy Policy applies to your visit to our website and its affiliated sites. If you are an individual or company who has purchased insurance products or services from Unum, you have received or will be receiving in the mail a copy of Unum's Privacy Disclosure Statement which contains important additional information about our privacy practices.

Information gathering

The type of information we collect depends on the type of product or service you obtain from us. We may collect "nonpublic personal information" about you. "Nonpublic personal information" (or NPI) is information about you which is not available from public sources, but obtained in connection with providing you with a financial product or service.

For example, we may receive information from your applications and forms, medical providers, other insurers, employers, insurance support organizations, and service providers. The gathering of this information is designed with you in mind so that we can provide you better service. Here are some examples of the types of information the Unum website collects if you choose to provide it:

  • "Contact Us" and other e-mail forms — name and e-mail address
  • Request for information forms — name and mailing address and/or e-mail address
  • Event registration forms — name, e-mail address, mailing address, company, title & phone number
  • Newsletter subscriptions — name, e-mail address, company, and title

Use of information gathered

The information Unum collects is used to administer insurance policies, answer questions or concerns, and provide information requested in a timely manner. We also collect information from prospective employees who are interested in applying for a position with Unum.

Obtaining copy of your information

You may request access to NPI we collect from you. Simply write to us at the address listed below requesting this information. Please be sure to include your full name, address, telephone number and policy number (if we have issued a policy). If your NPI request includes health information, we may provide the health information to you through a health care provider you designate. We will also send you information related to disclosures. Please note that this section applies to NPI we collect to provide you with coverage. It does not apply to NPI we collect in anticipation of a claim or civil or criminal proceeding.

Write to:
Attn: Privacy Officer
Unum Group
2211 Congress Street, C476
Portland, Maine 04122

Safeguarding information

We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that protect the confidentiality and security of NPI that comply with applicable regulations to guard your personal information. Personal information you have provided is limited to employees and agents of Unum who need to know that information in order to service your request. Unum retains the information collected for as long as required or permitted by law or regulation.

Information we may share

Please be assured we do not share your NPI information to market any product or service. We also do not share any NPI to market non-financial products and services. For example, we do not sell your name to catalog companies.

We may share information about you with people who help perform insurance, business, and professional services for us, such as helping us pay claims. We may also share NPI with medical providers for insurance and treatment purposes, or with an insurance support organization. In certain cases, we may share NPI with group policyholders for reporting and auditing purposes, though all information would remain anonymous. Finally, we may also share NPI when otherwise required or permitted by law, such as sharing with governmental or other legal authorities. Whenever legally necessary, we will ask your permission before sharing NPI about you. And our practices apply to our former, current and future customers.

When other companies help us conduct business, we expect them to follow applicable privacy laws. We do not authorize them to use or share NPI except when necessary to conduct the work they are performing for us or to meet regulatory or other governmental requirements.

Unum companies, including insurers and insurance service providers, may share NPI about you with each other. Consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we ask your permission before sharing NPI that is not directly related to our transaction or experience with you.

This Internet Privacy Policy applies to the following Unum Subsidiaries and Affiliates:

  • Unum Life Insurance Company of America
  • First Unum Life Insurance Company
  • Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company
  • Provident Life and Casualty Insurance Company
  • Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company
  • The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
  • The Paul Revere Variable Annuity Insurance Company


What is a cookie? Cookies are sets of information that our Web server assigns to you when you visit our website. Cookies are used in a few areas of our site only for maintaining information between pages. They are not used for storing or tracking personal information from our customers. These cookies simply carry forward information that you submitted on one screen to the next screen, eliminating the need for redundant entry. These cookies do not gather any other personal information from you or your computer. You do have a choice whether or not to accept the cookie, however, if you reject the cookie or if cookies are disabled on your Web browser, some parts of the website will not be operable.

Non-Unum websites

Unum is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other websites on the Internet that may be linked to the Unum website. Please note that when you click on links outside of our websites, you are transferred to another website that may not be under Unum's control. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of these linked sites as their privacy policy may differ from ours.

Notification of privacy policy changes

Our Internet Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. If we change our Internet Privacy Policy, we will post to this website. You may wish to visit this page periodically to review the most recent Internet Privacy Policy.

Privacy contact information

Attn: Privacy Office
Unum Group
2211 Congress Street, C476
Portland, Maine 04122